5 Ways to Make Good Money With eToro

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Professional traders will recommend that you don’t risk more than 1% of your portfolio on a single trade. This and other day trading tips will help you make the most out of your experience. Even beginners can learn to trade with social investing sites like eToro.

Read on to learn about eToro and how you can make good money with it.

What is eToro?

eToro is a trading platform that allows people to try social investing. They have a unique feature referred to as “copy trader.”

Copy trading involves looking at other’s trading history to see how much they have made. From there, you can copy their trades if they have made money.

How can you get involved with day trading through eToro? Here are 5 ways to make money with eToro.

1. Sign Up

First things first, you have to sign up for an account to start social investing. Luckily, eToro makes it easy. It’s a short sign up that is free!

2. Start Depositing

After you sign up, you need to create your profile to start making money. Your profile will protect your account and find a platform right for you.

During the profile set up, you will be asked trading questions based on your experience. No need to worry, anyone can start trading. The questions will help you with your experience.

Once this is done, you can start depositing! The minimum deposit amount is $200 and it can be deposited in other currency types.

3. Get to Know the Platform

You have to get to know the platform before making money. If you are lost, you won’t be so good at social investing. Take the time to get to know the eToro platform.

The main sections of eToro include the watchlist, portfolio, news feed, trade markets, and copy people. Before copy trading, get to know each section and how it works.

4. Avoid Common Mistakes

As a newbie, this is easier said than done, right? However, you should try your best to avoid common mistakes to ensure you are making the most money you can.

The most common of common mistakes is copying people who are the most copied. It is easy to trend at the top of the copy results when beginners are involved. They tend to go with the top of the list.

This is a mistake because some people copy trade for the wrong reasons. Don’t just follow suit, really look into everyone’s profile.

5. Find the Best Traders

If you want to make the most money as a beginner, you need to find the best traders to copy. You’ll begin your search by looking through the “copy people” section.

Scroll down to find trending investors. You can also the advanced search feature. This allows you to change criteria based on what you want to find.

For example, you can choose a specific market or a specific area of the world. Find traders who have low daily and weekly drawdowns. You should also understand it is okay not to have a 100% win rate.

Social Investing Explained

Social investing makes day trading easier for beginners. With eToro, you can make money quickly without having any experience. Follow these five tips to start making money right away!

For more information about the trading system, check out our complete guide.

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