How will MasterCard perform in 2020, is it a Bubble ready to pop?

An Image of MasterCard performance in 2019MasterCard stock performance

MasterCard shares have been steadily growing in value for all of 2019, and the company has quite a low equity in comparison to other global trading companies. This could be suggestive of a company in a bubble, with stock prices set to drop rapidly in the near future. Despite this, MasterCard plans for the future suggest that the company is set to continue to grow, and therefore may be a lucrative, investment to add to your portfolio for the coming decade.

MasterCards performance in 2019

MasterCard stock has been on a significant path of growth in 2019. Starting the year worth just $188.69, the value has since rocketed to $297.53, as of December 19th 2019. This puts the value of the stock at almost equal to its market high of $300.25. This consistent growth could mean that the price is set to continue to rise as it has in 2019, making it a lucrative and relatively low-risk investment, although as the stock reaches its market high, it may be liable to crash without warning. Although the pattern of the stock is a positive growth one, it has dropped a few times over the course of 2019, to as low as $256, but has always recovered quickly. Competitor PayPal has been less successful, after a drop in August 2019 that led to a plateau in stock price; MasterCard is clearly a more stable, lucrative investment.

How does the equity look?

The assets owned by MasterCard has been consistently growing, to a 2019 level of $25.981 billion. Of this, $6.518 billion was held in cash. Long-term debt for MasterCard has also been growing consistently, reaching $7.735 billion in 2019, as well as a total liabilities value of $21.006 billion in 2019. The increase year-over-year in liabilities may point to an underlying instability, although the company remains solidly in positive equity, at a margin of $4.975 billion. Equity is declining in the company, suggesting that it may run into problems that may affect the positive growth trend in the stock price.

Looking to the future

MasterCard has developed plans in the recent years to modernise payment systems across the globe, particularly business-to-business payment, in a move to automate processes and cut costs for businesses completing international transfers. As well as this, they have spent time developing their efficient method for lending and sending funds, that mean, despite its apparently low equity, that MasterCard is set to become even more synonymous with global banking, and set to continue to grow. Obviously, this predicted long-term growth will potentially increase the value of shares held in MasterCard, and lead to a strengthening on the stock market.

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