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Below are some of the TOP traders on eToro who you should look at when starting to create your Passive Trading System. However, there may be some undiscovered gems for those of you willing to put in the extra effort!

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eToro released a stat that if you copied the 50 most copied traders in 2019 you would have made a 29.1% ROI!

Not bad for one year.

But if you copied the Passive Trading System,  you wold have made an average return over the last 5 years of 33.2%

So if you are going to copy trade remember the 80/20 Rule and have a look at these five Professional Traders below!


OlivierDanvel eToro Top Trader performance Stats, copy trading, investing for beginners

Olivier is one of the most consistent traders on eToro and since he has started trading has achieved every month in profit! A perfect low risk and consistent option!

  • 2017 Return 16.00%
  • 2018 Return 18.39%
  • 2019 Return 8.4%


JeppeKirkBonde eToro Top Trader Performance Stats, trading on eToro, trading stats, real stats, make money with eToro

Jeppe is a perfect lower risk choice with a significantly higher return! Plus with stats like those the right why would you not have him your copy trading portfolio! 

  • 2015 Return 22.37%
  • 2016 Return 81.07%
  • 2017 Return 148.05% 
  • 2018 Return -12.15%
  • 2019 Return 45.55%
Liborvasa eToro Top Trader Performance Stats, make money on eToro, real stats, trading for to make money! investing

Libor is a truly fantastic trader. Over the last 5 years he has finished every year in profit! This is someone you want in your copy trader portfolio!

  • 2015 Return 9.92%
  • 2016 Return 13.11%
  • 2017 Return 54.95%
  • 2018 Return 11.23%
  • 2019 Return 36.2%


Harashsmith eToro Top Trader performace Stats, Top traders, make money on eToro, trading, Investing, real stats

Harash is another great trade having finished the last 3 years in the Green! He adds some great diversification to your portfolio! Be aware in 2020 this trader has been trading “Too frequently” breaking eToro rules and therefore you may not be able to copy him for a while, despite his great stats! 

  • 2017 Return 88.04%
  • 2018 Return 40.1%
  • 2019 Return 21.25%


Social-Investor eToro Top Trader performance Stats, trading on eToro, tradin stats, real trading stats

Social-Investor is another decent trader but is newer to the list than the other traders! The team mostly traders in stocks with a dabble in Crypto!

  • 2019 10.25%
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