Velox Investments: My Adventures Trading Online

    My Trading

    I am a popular investor on eToro and earn a salary based primarily on AUM (assets under management). Essential through the eToro platform, anyone can copy my trading strategy, by investing anywhere between $200-$500,000, for free! The way this works is that I get paid by eToro who charges a small fee for each newly opened trade position (known as a spread). 

    I also make a secondary revenue stream by operating as and an eToro partner. As an eToro partner, I make a commission for people signing up, depositing and using eToro through one of my links. Copying anyone on eToro does NOT cost you anything and does not affect the price for you and just because you go through my website does not mean you have to invest with me or anyone else! 

    My Trading History on eToro

    Initially, in 2017, I tried a highly aggressive trading strategy which failed, but as with anyone who starts on a new platform, this was only a small loss. 

    I then spent almost a year reading and studying about investing, reading around 50 books, 100s of websites and taking various courses to develop my skills. In 2018 I made a -27% loss and I spent the year changing my strategy and developing my approach to trading to reduce my risk and increase profitability.

    In 2019, I started the third iteration of my strategy and have not looked back. In 2019 I currently have a return of over 50%! I still tweak my strategy to increase my profitability and to reduce my risk. Luckily for any new investor, I have done the hard work and taken the risk of developing the strategy, so now it is time to tweak the method and to grow my wealth!

    I am now confident in my strategy and wish to invite new investors to join eToro and grow your wealth just as I have. Even if you are not yet convinced by my stats and style I still suggest signing up to eToro and getting a feel of the platform they have a fantastic demo mode so that you can trial the platform without losing any money! Also if your not sure where to get started check out my FREE beginners guide to trading on eToro for hints and tricks! 


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