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The Passive Trading System

After 5 years of testing, I have created trading strategy that makes an average ROI of 33.18%. I explain more below...


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I made a 25% return. Beers are on me! I guess you are an "influencer"
Passive Trader
I am glad I copied Joseph Moricca. He really knows what he is doing!
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Passive Trader
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Passive Trader

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Passive Trading System

Learn how how you can build your financial independence !

I created a strategy to generate great returns every single year! With an average 5 year ROI of 33.18% and ZERO skill required to start, why not start now!

The Passive Trading System's Performance

The Passive Trading returns if 10,000 were invested in 2015
£10,000 invested with no additional deposits.Note if additonal deposits were added the rate of return would be significantly greater!

Start Small and Grow!

Investing is hard so let leading experts do it for you! With just $200 (£168) a month you could be financially free in 8 years! 

A step by step Guide!

I made the Passive Trading System Course to show you the easiest way anyone can build wealth!

Average ROI of 33.18%

I created the Passive Trading System for people to make great returns every year! So be successful and do what you want!

“The crux of this strategy is all about copying the smart kids work, only you don’t get in trouble like at school, you get financially rewarded!”

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