Velox Investments: My Adventures Trading Online

    My name is Joseph Moricca after three years of learning, I am now a popular investor on eToro.

    But in my first two years of trading I lost Money.

    I lost money because I made mistakes that almost EVERY wannabe stock trader makes.

    Simply, I went in to hard with high leverage on risky stocks looking to make a million in a month.

    And in the first year I lost ALL my money.

    But I brushed my self off and spent 6 months reading books, reading articles and attending training courses.

    I tried again.

    And I still lost money! 

    So I came up with my own Strategy! Which in 2019 has returned me over 70.70%

    The Choice is yours

    Investing in the stock market can be very profitable. You can work from home, work while you travel. You can work 3 hours a day or even just 1 hour some days. 

    At the same time, it can also lead to losing money – A lot of it.

    You could go in guns blazing high leverage and make a fortune! 


    The reality is that this will only work for ONE person in a million. In fact you probably have a better chance winning the lottery.

    Now, for some good news: You don’t have to become an expert on your own! 

    On eToro and this blog I share ideas and I want you to learn with me on my journey!

    Now, I understand if you’re skeptical. We’ve all heard this before:

    “The MAX the stock market can return is 10% per year…”

    And this is true, if you just pick safe stocks and sit on them for 10 years! Simply put, higher growth potential comes from higher risk options. 

    In 2017, I started using eToro and after two years of losing money I have created a strategy that works for me and my lifestyle.

    I am not an expert but I am a real example of what can be achieved with some hard work.

    Now as I continue learning I want to help you create your own strategy by sharing my knowledge!

    So, what is eToro?

    EToro is a social trading platform which I trade on because it is a great place to share ideas and knowledge!

    The biggest benefit of eToro is while you are learning to trade, you can simply copy someone else’s trades. This means you don’t have to do all the hard work of a professional investor. Instead, you simply deposit funds, pick a trader to copy and start growing your money right away!

    While your money is growing you can also see what trades are made and ask the person you are investing in questions.

    But if you are just in it for the money. Many successful traders on eToro make 30% return every year by just copying other people’s strategies. How great is that?

    But eToro is not the cheapest platform. The spread on stocks is a little high and so are the withdrawal fees.

    However, the active community and ability to learn from others more than makes up for the higher fees.

    Ultimately, eToro gives you the tools to make smart decisions and is just fantastic for learning or a lazy investor! 

    A Diversified Portfolio

    Now, you’re probably wondering how I’ve had such great results on eToro. One of the keys to my success is investing in a wide range of assets. Let me explain…

    My approach is all about finding a balance between high-risk, high-reward stocks, and safer, more reliable options. The end result is having low downside and high upside – The exact kind of portfolio every investor wants.






    So what do other say?…

    The Strategy

    The strategy I have created is fundamental to my success when using eToro. In 2019, my investments have made a very healthy return of over 70%. That’s way, way above average and made up for the two years previous!

    Below, I illustrate my approach and give you an idea of what you need to think of when investing questions to ask when copying someone else.

    I initially deposited just $200 (Roughly £168) and have since put in another £25 per week.  While it is a bit tight in the beginning once the ball starts to roll you quite quickly see the benefits.

    In 2019 my investments have allowed me to go to two Michelin star restaurants! 

    I split my investment strategy into three stages: Picking stocks, opening positions and closing positions. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

    Stage #1: Picking The Stock. 

    I start by using multiple technical indicators to identify stocks that have lost value quickly. Next, I use an eToro custom program to highlight ones that are ‘undervalued’. I now have a pool of options to choose from.

    After that, I determine whether or not I want to pursue a stock based on further research. Simply put, I look at why it has lost value. If the reason suggests a rebound, I buy in. If it doesn’t, I stay away.

    It is imperative to then conduct a fundamental and general market analysis of the sector.  This is how you can capture returns that beat the average 10% of total market funds!

    Stage #2: Opening Positions.

    Another aspect of my strategy is using custom technical indicators to find entry points.

    Buying just before the trend reversal is the ideal situation. However, doing so is difficult. That’s why investing a small amount initially, then more as time goes on, is a smart approach.

    It is important to be vigilant if the stock falls further than expected, as this allows for even more gains later on.

    Surprisingly, I actually enjoy seeing a stock go lower than expected. This trend just increases the value of my investment and the returns I see later on.

    Stage #3: Closing Positions.

    Closing the trade is another key part of my strategy. Often, I predetermine my exit price before ever investing.

    However, I generally close with a 10% gain, as this is a sound profit margin. It is also equal to average gains throughout a full year, while I sometimes get that percentage in days or weeks.

    In circumstances where movement is relatively low, I apply a stop loss to capture less risk and more profit.

    I started my current strategy in January 2019. Luckily for you, I have already done the hard experimentation and learning.

    Now, you could copy me or anyone on eToro! Trading is more of personal thing than you may realise! 

    As an idea If you had copied me with £1000 from January 1st to the end of June 2019, you would have made over £580 in profit!

    Which is a nice little bonus for a holiday or a nice visit to a Michelin star restaurant! 

    It’s time to make a decision… 

    You can save your extra money in a bank,

    or you could invest in an index,

    Or, you can join eToro, learn how to trade or just copy someone else who has already had success! 

    I work a full time job as a Quantity Surveyor so my personal approach is based on a preference for midterm trading.

    If you join eToro I am happy to answer any questions! 

    Please note that diligence and understanding are key for any new investor. It is often the case that new investors have to be patient before real growth can occur.

    While my eToro strategy has worked well for me, you should still be diligent in your approach. To give potential investors a better understanding, I have created a FREE beginners guide to trading on e-Toro.

    This guide shows you how to diversify and grow your eToro investment portfolio for the long-term. You can also find more about me here and further information on eToro by reading my FAQ.

    Now that we’re done with the logistics, let me give you some closing thoughts.

    Using my strategy, I have picked stocks and seen 50% returns after just 2 days. While you won’t do that well every single time, eToro provides a real opportunity to make extra money. 

    If you’re ready to take the next step, I would suggest joining eToro and opening a demo account where you can use the virtual money to get a feel for trading, copying people and developing a strategy without risking any money!

    Best wishes and happy trading!
    Joseph Moricca

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